Youth (25 & Under)

Our youth program will guide and educate children throughout their financial life. From newborns to graduates, we are here to walk them through the jungle of finances.

Young Safari Savers (0 to 12)

Newborns to age 12 are automatically part of the club when they open a savings account at MCCU! Each new member receives a special savings bank. Youth can sign up for the monthly drawing each time they make a deposit. We have learning games and special education opportunities throughout the year.

Teens’ Quest (13-17)

This is an important age to continue to learn about finances. It’s time to start using a debit card, making a budget and establishing credit as teens move towards adulthood! Teenagers may open a CD (Certificate of Deposit) for a reduced minimum to save with higher interest for the future. Check out our rate page.

This age group is included with the Safari Savers as we celebrate National Youth Savings Week each spring in a big way!

Young Adults’ Journey (18-25)

This is an exciting time in a young person’s life! Whether they are going on to college or going right into the work force, financial freedom from their parents is pivotal. This is a good time to talk to our loan officers about the MCCU Credit Card. We have several options for youth to establish credit without putting them into debt.

Using our Mobile App and RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) will allow youth living away from the credit union easy access to their transactions and history. Our App also lists all of the ATMs in their area where they can use their MCCU Debit Card with no surcharge! Sign up for our Mobile Banking App today!