Can I Join?


MCCU is a Closed Membership Credit Union.  The membership in this Credit Union is limited to employees of CHS and/or any subsidiary company wholly owned by CHS.  Membership includes NCRA (National Cooperative Refinery Association…company name changed to CHS effective Sept. 2015), MAP (McPherson Ag Products…name changed to CHS effective Sept. 2015) and Jayhawk Pipeline.   The employee, employee’s spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are eligible for membership.   The family members of deceased or retired employees in good standing are also eligible.  We reserve the right to contact CHS to verify employment.

Once a member, you are always a member, even if you retire, move or change jobs.  However, if you leave CHS and close your account, you will no longer be eligible to re-open the account.

Membership Requirements

A $50.00 deposit (not a fee) is required to establish your membership savings account and must remain in the account to maintain your membership. It is your ownership share in the credit union.

Youth may establish their membership with a deposit of $5.00, with the required balance of $50 in the account before they turn 13 years old.

You will be asked to provide an official photo document for identification. (Driver’s license, State photo ID, military ID, passport or CHS ID badge). Youth will be required to prove they have a social security number.